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What is the WizKids Event System?

WizKids Event System (WES) is the ultimate way for both stores and players to get the most out of WizKids gaming events!

As a player, you can can find in-store matches and tournaments, earn awesome achievements, build a custom profile and keep track of your game results, all in one convenient place. Facebook integration even lets you share your profile, stats and player activity.

There's great stuff for stores, too. As a WES-participating retailer, you can build a profile for your shop, create and showcase new and recent events, and more! Retailers can also earn achievements within WES that can help bring more attention to your store.

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Categories:HeroClix by Wizkids Games News, Releases, and More!
Greetings Heroclix players!  Now that the DC Comics HeroClix: Superman/Wonder Woman set has released, let’s take a look at an Apokolips Team Building Strategy featuring some of the exciting new figures in the set.   A hero can only be as strong as the challenges they face; and few have challenged Superman and Wonder Woman more than the villains from Apokolips!There are four figures in the set[...]
Categories:WizKids Games
Greetings Retailers, We have been working hard to improve the WizKids Event System and wanted to give you the inside scoop on our latest updates. The WizKids Event System is no longer just a tool to schedule and report your in-store events (although please continue to do so). There are many more features available to make the WES your primary resource for all WizKids needs. Did you know you can [...]

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